Our Vision

Artrix's vision is to become and be known as New Zealand's leading online games company with the hope of creating innovative games for users to love and enjoy and continue to play long term. We want to inspire passion and enthusiasm as a company and for our employees to be part of something great and engaging.

Artrix Values

At Artrix we value the importance of establishing core business values. Our values are at the heart of our company and the foundation in which our employees can build their success and the success of our company.

Hard working

Doing what needs to be done in order to be successful against our competitors in all corners of the world.


Pursing creative ideas that will lead us to become New Zealand's leading game company.


Enjoying what we do while creating fun and enjoyable games through a positive and engaging atmosphere

We want our employees to know and understand the value of working hard in order to get results and having the mind-set of creating games that will compete and be successful on an international level.

Artrix aims to harness creativity through the freedom of ideas without limitations. We want to nurture an individual's creativity through recognition, open-mindedness and the willingness to take risks.

Our philosophy is if our employees are having fun and love what they do they will become more dedicated to creating games that people will love to play and continue to play.

Job Vacancies

Our current job listing is for

As Lead Game Designer you will play a key role within our company as your role will be to develop new innovative concepts for mobile phones and Facebook. The designer's responsibility is to contribute ideas that will be successful while directing and leading a small team.

  • Responsibilities

  • Requirements

  • Preferred

Game documentation, level design, script writing.

Develop and propose game prototypes and concepts.

Project follow-up work and timely communication with the development team and the art team.

Overseeing games operations and data analysis.

Event planning work.

Please ensure you attached your portfolio along with your cover letter and CV.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

If this sounds like you then apply by sending your email to caley@artrix.com .